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This Local Barber Shop is awesome. They cut my hair for three years while I was in college. Everything from a mohawk, high and tight, huge Morrissey style pompadour. I've never gotten such killer haircuts since, and now I'm a Barber in Cincinnati!
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Finding A Good Barber Shop!

I’m been asked time and again, “Should I go to a professional barber or salon and how do I find a good barber shop?” The answer to your question could depend on a variety of issues. As you wouldn’t inner into a cardiologist office for brain surgery, you don’t want to go to a salon for a regular haircut or a flattop. Likewise, a professional barber shop won’t likely give you a long shag with highlights. Determining how to pick a professional barber shop or salon for the best men’s hairstyle or haircut can be trying.

Differences between Barber shops and Hair cutters:

The chief difference between both techniques of hair cutters is that professional barber shops are usually taught to cut shorter, traditional haircuts for men, when hairdresser’s are trained to cut longer, thicker men’s styles. A barber shop’s primary attention is cutting men’s hair.

Equally, a hair dresser receives more schooling in the art of fashioning hair for ladies. While the business tendency is progressing toward more high-class barber shops and salons for men, the attitude between professional barbers and hair stylists is becoming foggy. Please follow the guidelines below for selecting the right expert for your hairstyle.

Go to a professional barber shop if…

  •   you’re having financial issues. Most professional barber shops are more inexpensive than stylists, thus you can save some money       going to a respectable barber.
  • you’re seeking to keep it simple. Professional barber shops will normally cut your hair in a style that allows it to look respectable naturally, without using a lot of styling hair products.
  • you would like a shave. Many classy barber shops suggest hot lather face shaves which are a genuine indulgence. I highly recommend recieving one many times annaully.
  • you’re considering to escape. Barber shops remain a immense source of comraderie between men. Naturally a no frills location, the best barber shops are a exclusively a male gathering place.
  • you don’t like change. Barber shops will question you on how you would like your hair cut and will preform what you ask, typically without much reply.

Go to a salon hairstylist if…

  • you’re letting your hair grow longer. Hairstylists usally have more training cutting and styling longer hair than the typical Barber shop.
  • you choose to color your hair. Most professional barbers don’t perform a great deal of coloring services, thus you probably will find better results from a stylist.
  • you’re seeking a more fashionable hairstyle. A stylist is tipically more aware of current fashons than a barber shop.
  • you desire a change. While a consultation, the hairstylist usally gives suggestions for a style that will compliment your qualities better than a barber shop.
  • you want a featured product. Many salons regularly provide a varied selection of hairstyling merchandise than barber shops. Stylists are more likely to be well-skilled on the kinds and use of the products as well.

The above strategies are generalities and not all barber shops or salon stylist will fit completely into each expertise set. Stylist need to be licensed, having developed a profession doing only guy’s hair. Doing a flawless flattop or a long razor shag with the best of them and to enjoy performing each type of cut equally. Most of today’s professional barber shops are expert in lengthier and trendy styles while there are many stylists who are experts in cutting traditional barber shop styles.

To choose the appropriate professional, I recommend locating a guy with a flare like to what you’re looking for and inquiring of him where he received his hair cut. If you reside in a substantial area, you may also be able to find a modern barber shop or men’s salon, which merge conventional barbering with contemporary style.